The Vikings - Vinland is an organization focused on developing and presenting the reconstructed lifestyle of the Vikings.   Our aim is to provide an accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking period, with an equal emphasis on the daily life of the period, and on the more warlike aspects of life in what was a formative period in European history. 

The Vikings - Vinland was founded to promote the hobby of reenacting within Canada and the United States and is open to anyone around the world interested in presenting this time period. 

Our events are renowned for the high standard of presentation, historical accuracy and attention to detail, and for the scale and impact of our combat displays, as well as for our extensive static displays which present a cross-section of life in the 9th-11th Centuries. 

We are the largest Viking Age Reenactment organization in North America.  We are the North American Felag or group of The Vikings NFPS based in the United Kingdom.

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English Heritage will be handling registrations of people wanting to attend the event. The Vikings NFPS has been invited and as the largest society, will be running the reenactment portion of the event and coordinating the LHE.

Cavalry is being contracted out and coordinated separately. It should also point out that "Guest" clearances for "The Vikings" events are valid for the single event for which they were issued, so if anyone out there thinks that they have already got clearance on that basis in the past, you haven't.

The only way to come along with "The Vikings" and be a part of the show is if you are a fully paid up member with the relevant combat assessments in place prior to the event.  There will be no assessment process provided at the event itself.  Should you decide to join in order to attend, you must get trained and assessed by RTT's of the Society or Felag.  Please contact us about this via the contacts page prior to sending in any funds for memberships.

If you or your group wish to attend, you must contact Diana Holford ( and request an invitation from EH directly.