Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celtic Reenactment 
How to Join

Membership in the Felag of the Vikings Vinland Society is open to all residents of Canada and the USA.

Membership is open to anyone who agrees to general terms of membership.   Members who do not reside near a group geographically are considered provincial members, but are accountable to the nearest group leader for their standards and deportment at event.   More information is available about this on inquiry. 
If you are an individual or independent group looking to join with Vinland, please use the online  inquiry  below and indicate that in your message.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

​We have groups located in the following areas:
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Edmonton, Alberta
Red Deer, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta

North Carolina
Washington State
Southern California

Please note,  We are a historical reenactment society focused on a portrayal of a specific time period in history of  scandinavian cultures collecively known as the Vikings,  793-1066 AD. 

As an organization, we do not subscribe to any  religious, political or social interest, past or present that may have a "Viking" theme  and we are not a modern day Viking lifestyle organization.  

Membership Inquiry
Please contact us about joining the Viking Vinland Society.  One of our officers will be in touch with you just as soon as they are able and will provide you with more information regarding a membership form and payment options.  
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The Vikings Vinland Society
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Mailing Address:
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Calgary, AB