Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celtic Reenactment 

Meet The Team

Here you will find the Officers of The Vikings-Vinland Society.  Each person is a volunteer who offers to support the membership through their expertise and years of experience.   
  1. Treasurer of the Society
    Warren Cummins
    Missile Thegn of Vinland Silver Jarl Society Treasurer Konungr's Award of Merit
  2. President of the Society
    Chris Arel
    Jarl of Vinland Society President Silver Jarl
  3. Jeff Angus
    Health and Safety Thegn of Vinland Drengr
  4. Director of The Society
    Nick Goetz
    Felag Combat Thegn of Vinland Silver Jarl Society Director
  5. Loren Schultz
    Felag Authenticity Thegn of Vinland Silver Thegn Konungr's Award of Merit
  6. Tammy Ausma
    Dark Ages Relief Fund Thegn of Vinland Drengr
  7. Silver Jarl
    Mike Cichon
    Society Secretary Silver Jarl