Viking, Saxon, Norman and Celtic Reenactment 
Viking Age Historical Reenactment
The Vikings Vinland Society is comprised of people from all walks of life who have a passion for history, particularly of the Viking Age.  We try to portray the lifestyle and culture of the Viking Age, 793-1066 through historical presentations at various functions throughout the year.  Our presentations are based upon archeological research and literary research of period.  We depict a mobile, seasonal camp/temporary village type setting.

  1. Living History Exhibition - Village
    The LHE is the heart of the Vikings Vinland. Members endeavor to recreate a transient period village complete with living quarters, workspaces and recreational areas. Our village designs and camp equipment are based upon historical evidence for the period.
  2. Combat
    The combat system used by the Vikings Vinland has been around for more than 40 years. Through a carefully planned training regimen and regular training sessions, members learn the ins and outs of putting together a safe, entertaining and as close to real as we can make it combat display, without jeopardizing our personal safety.
  3. Period Crafts
    Integral to the LHE are period crafts. From cooking to boat building and everything in between, members are encouraged to take up and learn a period craft as would have been practiced during the viking age. We have several academics and specialists who help research and train members in the way of the crafter.
  4. Historical Interpretation and Authenticity
    Through research and best practices, our personal kit and encampments offer a look at the clothing and equipment of the viking age. We focus on the time of 793-1066 AD time period as the heyday of the vikings. Geographic focus is on western Europe and the settlements of the Anglo Danish cultures commonly known as the Norse.
  5. Training, Awards and Recognition
    The Vikings Vinland Society is a volunteer organization with a mandate and vision for public education. We are enthusiasts who like to spend our spare time working on some aspect of this hobby. The Society provides training to all members who seek to pursue a deeper understanding and skill level.
In the Vikings Vinland Society you can study, construct, train, learn and meet friends for life!